Welcome to A.R.T. Confidential

No TV crew is going to capture the intimacy and intensity of the A.R.T. artists in a half day visit.

A.R.T. Confidential will reveal the real thing. The deeper hearts and souls of these amazing artists.

Our years spent one on one with them through the good and bad times empowers us to share the real essence, the essence that is missed by news crews looking to shoot yet another puff piece.

Curious, moving, awesome and at times hilarious, the complex lives of the A.R.T. artists and the Trackers who work with them will take you inside an intimate world so rich it makes pop culture feel like empty calories.

No one in America has seen the stunning breakouts from utter passivity to the realization of fiery volition we have.

We are going to share these moments of joy and tears with you. It will be just between you and us. A.R.T. Confidential.

Simply Bovine!

With their own gallery in the local art museum the A.R.T. artists were fired up. At the same time their opening was taking place, a larger gallery in the art museum hosted another opening reception featuring a group called ‘The Art Group’, a coalition of amateurs who specialized in water colors and drawings of still lifes and local landscapes.  Compared […]

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Apology of the Converts

At the end of the two day intensive jam session studio workshop, the staff, at first wary of us, formed a line so all of them could shake our hands and say a word to us as we were leaving, headed for the airport. One of the staff told me, “We really liked the introductory talk […]

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Michael and the Diamond

At first you might think Michael Dove took our studio program for a joke.  The way he found everything amusing. Although he demurred each time we asked if he was up for trying the techniques, he kept showing up, just hanging out with the artists, watching the paintings being created. A week and another week, and another […]

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Lane and the Big Champagne

Amongst the crowd at the gallery opening reception, a former employee of the school, an employee who had recently been fired, an employee who knew and loved all the A.R.T. artists, did not, look, happy. Let’s refer to him as Ricardo. Big, beefy, strong, and mercurial, this being why he had been fired, among all of us only Ricardo […]

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Rafael, A Portrait of My Man

With our techniques, an artist without the use of their hands can gain perfectly exacting control.  They can place the tiniest point of color on their canvas, exactly where they want it to go.  What I am saying is, if they wanted, they could make a photo-realistic painting using the A.R.T. systems.  The two of us in the studio, […]

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Deerie Me

Some of the things we have seen or been told in our years of starting A.R.T. programs is scandalous. Some of the diagnoses of the A.R.T. painters are so wrong its insane. So obviously wrong, a guy like me can disprove them in a second. It’s ridiculous. And it’s serious, these diagnoses limiting what an individual will be […]

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Vimaris/Paint it Black

To us, Vimaris was V. Her one wandering eye and her not walking, talking or able to use her hands, many, most?, everyone? failed to see the depth and breadth of her mind and the fine, fine sense she had for painting.  I mean fine.  I mean the real thing.  I mean our Tracker and I were humbled by the paintings V created. […]

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Tucker’s mom raised the money to cover the costs of Tracker Marybeth Hill and I to fly to West Virginia. First session little Tucker cried like a baby and voooosh his mom wheeled the little boy out of the studio. That afternoon Tucker returned and rolled up to the workstation he, you guessed it, started crying like […]

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Roy Wakes Up

The A.R.T. team had such fantastic success with those we worked with at a disabilities center in Florida, we knew we had blown the staff’s minds. Having proven the efficacy of our approach, having so clearly demonstrated how A.R.T. is a giant leap beyond other current approaches, I asked the staff, “Who is the hardest […]

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La La Laser

Nicole, nine years old, was fixated watching her schoolmates use A.R.T. for the first time. She saw what her pals who lacked the articulate use of their hands were doing. How they were choosing the colors, the brush, the size of the canvas. They were in charge and they were guiding rich bright colors with a flourish onto their […]

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