How to Bring A.R.T. to Your Organization

A.R.T., Artistic Realization Technologies Inc. has created technologies, studio programming, and training that empowers those who lack the articulate use of their hands to gain perfect individual control of the art-making process start to finish.

A.R.T. has started over 28 programs across the country, including the painting program for nationally recognized The Matheny School in Peapack, NJ. We are the recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Excellence in Arts Programming and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leadership Awards.

Our goal is to bring the liberating power of A.R.T. to as many people as we can. We do this by sharing our approach with disabilities organizations, rehabilitation hospitals, public and private schools, universities, and community-based organizations.

“The process of the A.R.T. experience enhances independence, self-esteem, sense of purpose, motivation, and increased communication skills.”

Colleen Valentino, Principal, The Bancroft School, Voorhees, NJ.

“A.R.T. at PARC will open doors in our program that have previously been closed to the individuals we serve. It provides the foundation for independence and complete control for individuals who have been dependant on others in all aspects of their lives. A.R.T. is the future of where our program is going.”

Dierdra Walker, PARC Program Director, St. Petersburg, FL.

How does the A.R.T. program run?

A.R.T. will provide highly trained, professional Trackers (Studio Assistants), on going consulting support, archiving of artwork and help in securing high-profile exhibitions and sales of work. We can help you determine an appropriate space in your facility to serve as the A.R.T. studio. It can be an area as small as 8’ x 8’. The entire A.R.T. setup can be easily and quickly broken down to fit in a closet or storage cabinet, allowing multiple use of the room. We can assure you paint will never get on walls, floors or participants.

What benefits can A.R.T. bring to your clients?

  • Highest degree of meaningful individual self determination
  • Enhanced quality of life, including mental and physical health benefits
  • A source of employment through sales of artwork
  • Integration with the greater community through gallery and art museum exhibitions

What benefits can A.R.T. bring to your organization?

  • Help your organization bring cutting edge programming to your clients.
  • Help meet state and federal mandated goals
  • Raise awareness in the greater community
  • A.R.T. can attract strong positive media, which in turn can aid your organizations marketing and public relations campaign
  • Fills the need for quality programming for clients with the most severe physical challenges

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