Simply Bovine!

With their own gallery in the local art museum the A.R.T. artists were fired up.

At the same time their opening was taking place, a larger gallery in the art museum hosted another opening reception featuring a group called ‘The Art Group’, a coalition of amateurs who specialized in water colors and drawings of still lifes and local landscapes.  Compared to their work, the abstract paintings of the A.R.T. artists were raw, and bold, and bright .

None of the Art Group artists came to look at the work of the A.R.T. artists, while the A.R.T. artists were very curious to check out the work of the artists hanging in the  gallery next to theirs.

When a few of them rolled their wheelchairs among the Art Group it seemed our artists were upsetting the ambiance the Art Group had going.

Seeing the discomfort the A.R.T. artists were causing, our Tracker whispered into one of our painter’s ears, knowing this would get a loud snort which was this particular artist’s trademark way of laughing.

Impervious to the bad vibe they were getting beamed with, Tammy wheeled up close to one of the glassed and framed pieces.  Through her coke bottle glasses she peered at it, and in her loud voice called, “Hey Tim.  Look.  A cow!”