Vicki and the Swinging Wrists

Free to go on and on and on lasering on transparent variations of green to her painting, some might have thought the applications redundant. No other colors but green. So many sessions later, the painting finished, it was a knock out. Ready for any gallery in the world.

At the opening reception, Vicki and her wheelchair parked near her painting hanging on the gallery wall flooded with incandescent light, the wordless artist was happy. To share her happiness she took my wrist and began to give it a gentle swing back and forth.

Up stepped a super cool Manhattan financial broker type, in his expensive suit, having arrived in his turbo Porsche.

Looking at Vicki’s painting then to me he asked, “Who made this painting?”

Nodding to Vicki I said, “Vicki.” “It’s beautiful,” he said. ” May I purchase it?”

With this Vicki dropped my wrist and reached to take his wrist and proceeded to give it a gentle swing, back and forth, a nice smile for him.