The Call

Using the A.R.T. techniques, those who had gained access to them were supercharged. They were seen a new way. People could see proof of the amazing depth and breadth of their inner lives.

When we saw these stunning, deeply moving breakthroughs the first A.R.T. artists were making, we knew we had to share what we had come up with. But how?

Speaking with this outstanding doctor at the center where we first rolled out the techniques he said we could realize our goal of sharing the program nationally by creating a nonprofit.

This was scary because in order to support my own art life all the jobs I had were always simple outdoor manual labor. No meetings, no paper work, no shmoozing, no fund raising.

I knew creating A.R.T. could pull me off the simpler path I had been on.

Back in the studio one of the artists asked how the meeting with the doctor went.

Told him the doctor said we could create our own company, a nonprofit.

“How are we going to do that Tim?”

“I don’t know Eric. I guess I’d need to call a friend who had started their own company.”

As I sat trepidatious of the life change that loomed ahead of me Eric looked at me, then at the old land line phone attached to the studio wall, then back at me.


“Yeah Eric.”

“Do you think you should make the call, now?”

And in the end, in collaboration with many great partners, the nonprofit A.R.T. help raise more than sixty dynamic new studio programs in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, along with programs in Canada and New Zealand. Our next program looks to be in Denver, so get ready to add Colorado to the states where we have helped create an island of liberation for those living with severe physical challenges.