Overleaping the Lockdown

A.R.T. artists across the country are living without being able to get to their day programs and schools. Being quadriplegic this must be pretty hard on them. And their families.

Until they are able to return to the centers where the A.R.T. studio offers them the greatest degree of creative autonomy ever, which means exploration, self expression, deep satisfaction, pride and joy, we are offering a means for families to do A.R.T. at home.

Using a combination of on-line tutorials and phone conversations directly with A.R.T.’s founder we can bring the liberating power of A.R.T. to those stuck with nowhere to go during the day.

Please share this with anyone you know who has a family member with physical challenges. Share it with any centers or schools that serve the folks A.R.T. works with.

Contact Tim Lefens at a.r.t.lefens@artrealization.org or 908-359-3098