Rene’s Process

Many are uneasy being around those A.R.T. works with. But once you get to know them the way we do you see they are a joy to hang out with.  They have something extra going on.

They have been so witty and so bluntly honest they have cracked us up laughing so many times.  It’s so refreshing   working with the A.R.T. artists.  The opposite of brain dead they really know what’s going on. And tell it like it is!

Before Rene perfected her streaming ribbons of color technique, which by the way resulted in a high dollar sale at auction, Rene was working out the original technique on a smaller scale canvas. Limitless curving lines of color twisting, wriggling, interweaving.

This early painting garnered Rene tons of praise from the staff.  Did this effect the opinion of the artist herself?

Apparently not. Looking upon the finished piece everyone was telling her was excellent, Rene said, “Everyone tells me this painting is so good. But personally? It gives me a migraine.”