Randy and his favorite “Green Leaf”

hose we work with who have a severe form of cerebral palsy have no use of their legs, extremely limited use of their hands, but retain control of the ability to move their heads. 
This is why we came up with the head mounted laser system.
Wherever they focus on the canvas the red dot of the laser appears. By drawing with the motion of their head the A.R.T. Tracker[studio assistant] can follow the motion of the light with the artist’s chosen application tool and color.
In Randy’s case we were holding a new studio program training workshop jam session in Richmond, Virginia. The room full of enthusiastic staff and new artists waiting their turn to get up to the board to try out the A.R.T. systems.  The room had a real nice buzz of teachers and aids talking quietly among themselves, excited by what they saw their clients were now capable of creating. They were eager to see what Randy would come up with this his first time using the laser.
Moving slow and steady, with exacting control he drew a small V. Which connected to another small V. And onward kind of like stitching with more and more of these same size Vs until he had created a pointed peninsula. And on to create another pointed peninsula linked at its base to the first.  The first pointing at seven o’clock. The next  pointing at ten o’clock.
It was only when he finished the peninsula pointing at twelve o’clock did a murmur of recognition run through us his audience .
Randy was drawing a marijuana leaf.