Rafael and the Human Tornado

Seeing the cover art Beacon Press had come up for my book I sighed.
It featured some blandly colored random feeling brush strokes. In a needle thin palsied script the letters of the book’s title: Flying Colors, the letters at the right end of Colors lowered as if the feeble script had run out of gas and in a moment of pathos had given up.
Oh yeah. Here we go again. Selling the book as a pity party when it bristled with the courageous painters who fought with seriousness and intense dedication. With the wryest sort of hilarious cutting humor beyond the most severe physical challenges they had been dealt.
Threw a fit over that cover. Told Beacon Press I would not promote the book if it didn’t get a new cover. In the end paid to create the cover myself.
Got super-painter Rafael Garcia in the photo studio to spin his electric wheelchair in place at high speed. Strobe light flashing, camera shutter clicking.
Let Rafael know the image would be kind of abstract when we got done blending the colors. He let me know everything was cool as long as he could tell it was him. By the end of our playing with the image you really could not make out the details of the numerous faces of the spinning figure. At least I couldn’t.When Rafael let me know he had seen the book and of course its cover, asked him,
“Could you tell it was you?”
“Oh yeah,” he said.
His little brother chimed in, “You made my brother look like a, ‘toe-NAYDO’!”