Operation Mind Blown

End of Day 2 of the A.R.T. training workshop jam fest, time for us to say our goodbyes and get to the airport, the staff spontaneously created a greeting line so our super Tracker and I could walk down the line, shaking hands, exchanging words.
Each of the folks they brought us hitting it out of the park. I mean one after the other.
And after all these new artists had rocked the staff we had asked for the very hardest to reach client and they brought him and after a whole lot of waiting him out, out he came and smacked it out of the park.
And there came the gasps from the staff. And the tears.
As we moved down the farewell greeting line, one of them said, “I just need to let you know we all thought your opening talk was great. But we all figured it was total bullshit. I just want to apologize. These last two days have blown my mind. All I can say is thank you.” Moving with the Tracker to the rental car asked myself: “Total bullshit? Is that what people think when we tell them what the A.R.T. artists are capable of if people will just show them some respect? Just realize they are whole inside?”