Mirror Mirror on the Floor

Although famous painters Frank Stella and my beloved mentor Walter Darby Bannard graduated from Princeton University, PU offers no degree in art.  And it shows. Being given a tour of the art department, figure drawings posted all along the hallways, A.R.T.’s board member asked, “You said these were done by college students?”
Yes, they were that terrible. And what can you expect when the head of the department’s claim to fame is making coffins from recycled garbage. Get it? Recycling? That would be a cool idea if, like, you were in fifth grade?
Speaking of the dicey quality of the work created by these PU students not seeking a BFA nor MFA, one of these students had placed a grid of one foot square mirrored tiles on the floor of the room we used Saturdays as our studio.
How we gained access to space on campus is an intriguing story for another time. Suffice it to say our being given such coveted space came from on high, the president of PU, which did not mean the art department liked the fact a bunch of quads were messing around on Saturdays in their sanctum.
And as if with medieval trumpets blaring, in blasted the imperious A.R.T. artist Isabell, the drama queen gusto of her entrance, her loud voice calling out, “I’m heeeeeeere!” her chair rolled over the mirrored tiles breaking each one of them the wheels rolled over.
Our Tracker fritzing at the debacle, luckily I was there to help them and Isabel calm down. 

“Don’t worry. We’ll figure out something. Anything on the back of the tiles?”

“No. Just some letters and numbers.”

“What letters and numbers?”


“HD. Home depot. Here’s my debit card. Count the broken tiles before you go. Bring one of the tiles as a sample. Okay? Take off. “