Mile High

The pandemic hit A.R.T. hard. Our largest most robust host center in Philadelphia not only shut down, but went out of business. Oh how painful it was losing all those amazing individuals we had the thrill of working with. And think how they felt isolated with no programming month after month. During this bleak time we began to offer our new program start up training via phone and internet. Looks like it’s working.
Here’s a note from our first new program in the mountain west. The first program since the pandemic.  . . . . . . A.R.T. has been going incredibly well here in Denver. The artists that we are working with have been having such a blast! We are currently working with four artists including Jeffrey, Corey, Brandon and Stevie.
I have had the pleasure of working one-on-one with Jeffrey and Corey and the time that I have spent with them is truly a gift. I have seen Corey working in groups and I have to say that his engagement one-on-one is a complete 180. He shows such great excitement while we create his works, every once in a while he will say, “Wow!” or, “Cool!” I am excited to let you know that we will have an exhibition of the works created thus far in January. We will have a reception on January 20 with the participating artists!



Louis Trujillo Access Gallery

909 Santa Fe, Denver CO 80204

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