Lane’s Pyramid

Lane had become supremely confident in the creation of his paintings. He knew he was in charge. That using A.R.T. techniques he could get what was in his head onto the canvas. Years of watching Lane paint, each move carefully considered, made it clear the unusual thing he did to his painting that day was on purpose.  Methodically he directed the creation of a pyramid shape. Taping off the right half of the pyramid he used the technique called Flicker which fired little droplets of color onto the masked-off area. Changing colors numerous times he continued with the flicker technique until the surface was a complete field of touches of all these various colors. Next he had the other half of the pyramid masked off and proceeded to flicker it with a different set of colors. Tape removed it looked so cool. His idea not yet realized Lane drew a square around the flickering pyramid and directed the Tracker to paint everything within the square a solid color. This would hide from sight the pyramid and all that work he had done on it. So only those in the studio knew the pyramid was there. Hidden. As are many of our thoughts and feelings. Some bit of a dream we have in our heads, that others can’t see.