Jimmy’s TV

How many decisions do you make in a day ?   It has to be thousands. These decisions make you who you are.
Thinking of how many decisions each day many of the A.R.T. artists  made each day before they got A.R.T. ?  The answer could actually be: zero.
This is why they came so to life when they saw they could make hundreds of consequential decisions each studio session. They knew they were in charge.  That they could make what they want go where they want it to go. Exactly.   That no one will be guiding them or telling them this or that imagery they come up with is inappropriate. It’s all up to them. Start to finish.  
First the rowdy teenager Jimmy, who had perfect drawing control with the laser, painted on his canvas what turned out to be a TV screen. Within the screen what was clearly, oh no, a naked lady. The final touch being the Playboy trademark bunny icon, placed in a little box bottom right corner of the TV screen.
When the kindly but Puritan style little gentleman, the school’s principal, popped his head into the studio, made a quick side step to place my body between his eyes and the naked lady.