Eric and the phone call

When we saw what the A.R.T. breakthrough had brought those at that first residential school and care facility, the gang of physically challenged young artists and I agreed we had to share the liberation beyond that one school, that one residential care center.
In a meeting with the head of the school, was told to ‘Watch my step.’ i.e. don’t mess with the school being the only place with an A.R.T. program, and how this was bringing in amazing amounts of funding. Spoke privately with the center’s head doctor. He suggested we could do it on our own.
This scared me, because to support my art life I had never done anything but easy on the brain manual labor jobs. No paperwork. No meetings. No asking strangers for money.
Back in the school’s art studio one of the artists, Eric, asked,


“Yeah Eric.”

“How did the meeting with the doctor go?”

“Well Eric, what he said was if the school would not help share the program we could do it ourselves. That we would need to form our own company. A nonprofit.”

“How can we get started on that?”

“Well Eric,” I said, trepidatious as to the future that might lie ahead of me, “I guess I’d need to call a friend who had started their own company.”

Eric asked, “Tim?”

“Yeah Eric?”

“Do you think you should make the call, now?”

Looking into his eyes, paused, then said, “Okay Eric. I’ll make the call.”