A.R.T. Confidential

No TV crew is going to capture the intimacy and intensity of the A.R.T. artists in a half day visit.

A.R.T. Confidential  will reveal the real thing.  The deeper hearts and souls of these amazing artists. Our years spent one on one with them through the good and bad times empower sus to share the real essence, the essence that is missed by news crews looking to shoot yet another puff piece.

Curious, moving, awesome and at times hilarious, the complex lives of the A.R.T. artists and the Trackers who work with them will take you inside an intimate world so rich it makes pop culture feel like empty calories.
No one in America has seen the stunning breakouts from utter passivity to the realization of fiery volition we have.

We are going to share these moments of joy and tears with you.  It will be just between you and us.  A.R.T. Confidential.